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Over the past five decades, the American artist Barbara Kasten has created an impres­sive multi­media oeuvre, centered around her compel­ling photo­graphs. Her works can be found in some of the most important museum collec­tions worldwide (including The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Tate Modern, London, and Centre Pompidou, Paris). The bilingual publi­ca­tion Barbara Kasten: Works (English / German), produced in close colla­bo­ra­tion with the artist, presents a compre­hen­sive overview of her oeuvre on more than 250 pages with numerous large-format illus­tra­tions – from early sculp­tures and photo­grams to her usually colorful, concrete photo­graphs and the most recent video instal­la­tions. The accom­panying essays by Carol S. Eliel, Elena Engelbrechter, Anette Hüsch, Alex Klein, and Magdalena Kröner, as well as Andreas Beitin’s extensive interview with the artist, provide profound insight into the multi­fa­ceted work of Barbara Kasten.

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