Robin Rhode. Memory Is The Weapon


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The mid-career retro­spec­tive of the South African artist Robin Rhode (*1976, Cape Town) is accom­pa­nied by a richly illus­trated publi­ca­tion edited by Uta Ruhkamp. Robin Rhode creates his works on public walls. He photo­gra­phi­cally captures each step of the visual short story as it develops. His unique hallmark is the innova­tive combi­na­tion of drawing, body, object and wall. In his complex artworks he succeeds in a contex­tual balancing act between South African history, culture, and mindset, as well as its signs and codes, and the abstract language of European-American art history. The publi­ca­tion contains a foreword by Andreas Beitin and Florian Steininger, an intro­duc­tion by Uta Ruhkamp, a compre­hen­sive and very personal conver­sa­tion with the artist, poems by Don Mattera, James Matthews, and Gladys Thomas, and an interview with Robin Rhode by Dor Guez on the newly created Jericho works.

(German/English; 224 pages, ca. 167 illus­tra­tions, Price: 34 €).

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